Who is East Wall Here For All?

East Wall Here For All is a community group embodying solidarity and allyship with new members of the East Wall community.

The group consists of local residents from East Wall and the surrounding area. The group is not politically affiliated.


What is our mission statement?

East Wall Here For All is an inclusive community group aiming to establish and maintain positive relations for all residents in East Wall and surrounding areas.

Through a range of actions and initiatives, our mission is to ensure that our community continues to be welcoming to those from all backgrounds, long-term, and more recent residents including those seeking asylum.

We recognise the agency, autonomy, and value of our new residents. As a community group, we aim to be compassionate in response to the persecution, loss, and cultural alienation of those displaced by conflict and violence.

Our goal is to ensure that dignity, respect, solidarity and openness are the basis upon which our richly-diverse community is both represented and viewed.

Support our work

East Wall Here For All is a community group derived entirely of local volunteers. There are a number of ways you can support us, including: