In early January, a second resident in the East Wall centre gave birth to a new-born baby, and we are pleased to say that both mother and baby are healthy and well.

Pregnancy and new motherhood can be a lonely and challenging period, particularly for those without the hands-on support of family and friends. This becomes more challenging again when doing so in a non-familiar healthcare system and culture.

To alleviate some of this sense of isolation and unfamiliarity, members of EWHFA have volunteered their time and know-how to support the expectant mother through the final weeks of her pregnancy and the early days of motherhood. These volunteers have looked to provide practical and emotional support to the first-time mothers and their babies at this crucial juncture in their lives. We have also successfully pushed for these mothers and their new-borns to be relocated to a more suitable setting.

The support for these new mothers has only been made possible by the extremely generous donations made by other families in the East Wall community and the rallying support of mother and baby groups across north Dublin.

We have also partnered with LetsMatchMums, a brilliant volunteer-led outreach group that matches refugees and individuals seeking asylum who may be in need of children’s clothes and other basic supports, with local mums willing to donate.